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Stellar Wipe 2.5

Stellar Wipe 2.5
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Name: Stellar Wipe
Version: 2.5
Language: English
Mac Platform: UB
OS Version: OS X 10.4 or later
Includes: Serial
Web Site:

Permanently wipes unwanted sensitive data from any Mac OS based hard drive
File eraser Mac utility to wipe selected files, folders or data from the entire hard drive on Mac OSX. The software contains powerful wiping algorithms in it and ensures permanent erasing of data, beyond the scope of data recovery.
・Completely wipes Internet browsing data, system traces, recent file histories, Instant messaging data
・Wipes selected individual files as well as the entire folder
・Permanently erases Mac hard drive in a single go
・Allows to schedule the wiping process
・Compatible with Mac OS X 10.7, 10.6, 10.5, and 10.4
Key Features
It is very much essential to remove all the data in your Mac irrecoverably, before you sell or donate your Mac to someone. Stellar Mac File Eraser is loaded with a number of useful features that helps you permanently erase all your sensitive, confidential data and information. Mentioned below are the most prominent features of this Mac file eraser software:
Wipes Hard Drive:
This Mac hard disk eraser software can help you wipe your entire Mac hard drive in a single step. The software includes powerful as well as fast wiping algorithms that erase unwanted data from the hard drive permanently.
Wipes Files and Folders:
The software completely erases unwanted files and folders that contain sensitive data. You can select any file or folder from the system and wipe it permanently, beyond the scope of any data recovery software.
Wipes Internet Browsing Information:
With this file remover Mac utility, you can erase sensitive Internet browsing data stored in the form of temporary Internet files, cookies, user sessions etc. The software wipes all browsing information from all major web browsers, including Firefox, Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Opera, Safari, Adobe Flash Player, Camino, Omniweb, iCab, Navigator.
Wipes Free Space:
The software ensures complete erasing of data from your hard drive by wiping free space, from where sensitive data may have been deleted in the past. By erasing even free space of the drive, the software helps in avoiding any chance of deleted data recovery.
Wipes System Traces:
Stellar file eraser Mac utility helps in wiping unwanted system traces, which eat-up drive space and may also contain sensitive information. The software completely erases all system entries and log files, created by the operating system.
Wipes Recent File Histories:
This data eraser Mac utility helps in protecting the privacy of your file from unauthorized-access by wiping all recent file histories. The software erases file histories as well as other related information stored by various applications. Stellar Wipe erases file open histories from Disk Utility, All Applications, iPhoto, iTunes, Quick Time, Finder, VLC etc.
Wipes Instant Messaging Information:
With this File remover Mac utility, you can wipe all information (login time, logout time, messages-sent/received etc.) related to your chat messengers. The software supports a number of premiere Instant messengers, including Skype, Yahoo Messenger, iChat, AIM, Microsoft Messenger, Adium, aMSN, ICQ, Proteus, and Fire.
Schedules Wiping Task:
Stellar File eraser Mac allows you to schedule wiping operation so that the task gets performed automatically at the specified time. There are options to configure the time schedule as well as the wiping options so that the software wipes only the specified file types at the specified time.
A Set of Standard Wiping Algorithms:
This useful Mac hard disk eraser software contains 6 secure and certified wiping algorithms, which ensure no chance of data recovery after completion of the task. The software allows users to choose from a list of the quickest wiping algorithm as well as the one with the highest number of passes.
The supported wiping algorithms are ‘Zeroes, DoD 5200.28-STD’, ‘Pseudo Random’, ‘DoD 5220.22-M’, ‘German Standard’, and ‘Russian standard’.
User Interface with Easy-to-Use Wiping Options:
The software has improved graphical user interfaces with detailed instructions for each step of wiping. Along with neatly placed wiping options, the software also allows you to wipe files or folders directly from the machine by simply right clicking on them through Finder. You can select the file/folder, right-click on it and use the ‘Services’ option in the Finder to wipe.
Wipes Multiple Drives Simultaneously:
With this useful wiping utility, you can select multiple hard drives connected to your Mac machine and wipe them simultaneously. Moreover, you can also select more than one file or folder in the hard drive and wipe them in just one go.
‘General’ Preference to Perform Tasks after Wiping:
Stellar Wipe allows setting a set of preferences, which includes configuration of tasks to be performed automatically, when the wiping process ends. From the General Preferences option in the menu, you can set to Play Sound, Send system to sleep, and Shutdown system on completion of the wiping operation. From within this option, the software provides an option to check for updates.

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