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Rigid Audio Synferno 1.1 KONTAKT

Rigid Audio Synferno 1.1 KONTAKT
Name: Rigid Audio Synferno v1.1 KONTAKT
Size: 1.62 GB
Files Rigid Audio Synferno v1.1 KONTAKT/Synferno.rar (1.62 GB)
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Synferno is a cinematic Sound Module containing 300 different kits that can be played in tandem across 4 categories (Bass, Synth, Ambient and Groove).
The 300 Kits can be loaded by dragging and dropping the separate *.NKI files or by using the snapshot function.
Loops can be played polyphonically timestretched within a range of two octaves (24 semitones).
Each part has it´s own color-coded range on the keyboard. You can alternatively play the loops sliced using the “SLICE” button in the SEQ page.
There are special MIDI trigger keys/notes that enable you to turn on/off the FX per part, retrigger a currently playing slice (when sequencer is turned on) and to trigger a volume (“trancegate”) per part.
From here you can mix and match the individual loops (parts).
The top LCD shows the current kit or simply “—USER—” if you´ve modified (loaded another loop) the kit. It has no other functionality.
You have 4 LCD´s that represent the current (loaded) loop. From there you can select different loops or let Synferno choose new ones by clicking on the “R” buttons. (Randomize).
The “R” buttons have different functions depending on what key you press at the same time:
– NO KEY: chooses random loop from the part´s loop list.
– SHIFT: randomizes parameters in the FX and EDIT page, as well as choosing a random FX preset.
– ALT: chooses a random loop for all four parts at once.
– SHIFT + ALT: chooses a random loop for all parts + randomizes FX and EDIT page values (random FX preset).
NOTE: When you press SHIFT and ALT on the first “R” button on the mix page (BASS section) that also alters the sequencer state (on/off) + chooses a random sequencer preset for ALL parts.
The SOLO buttons can be used to solo parts. Clicking any SOLO button with COMMAND/ALT or SHIFT will deactivate any active solo.
For almost all controls you can press ALT and adjust the value for all parts at once. (It´s always stated in KONTAKT´s information window). COMMAND/CONTROL will reset values. SHIFT is for fine-tuning.
The SPACE knobs set the amount of convolution reverb for the selected part. (The “SPACE” toggle button must be enabled in the FX page).
The FX buttons can be used to enable or disable FX sections for the parts. The SEQ buttons will enable/disable the per-part sequencer.
The STEP FILTER is a tempo-synced bandpass filter that randomly changes it´s cutoff. The AMOUNT controls the strength of the cutoff sweeps. The STEP GATE is a classical volume “trancegate”. In the middle are on/off toggle buttons for the various effect sections. To the right is a preset menu with 32 presets and a “R” button that chooses one randomly.
The SPACE REVERB comes with 60 impulse responses that you can choose via the dropdown menu. This convolution reverb is available for each part. (Each with a different IR if wanted). CPU = BAD 😉
Perhaps the most interesting thing in SYNFERNO. Each part has a 2 x 32 step sequencer that let´s you not only control the sample offset per part but also the loop offset. So basically it loads 32 loops per part into the RAM and then you can offset which one to play. (Really interesting results).
Furthermore, each part has 32 presets (together with the famous “R” button), a rate control (1/2 , 1/4, 1/8 , 1/16), start step and end step offset knobs + a SLICE and a GATE button:
– GATE button: If the current step in the first (sample offset) sequencer is 0 it won´t play the loop at this moment. (Required for some presets.)
– SLICE button: Let´s you play the first 24 slices on the keyboard of the selected loop chromatically. (“AKAI-Style”). It will then use the default pitch, that you can still change using the SEMI knobs on the mix page.
The four top buttons let the user select the part to be edited. You always have access to the MIX page controls from the currently selected part in the EDIT,FX and SEQ pages. (to the left).
The amplifier section controls the amp envelope and the filter section the filter envelope. The MODWHEEL section allows for volume and filter changes per part. Switching on LP (lowpass) and HP (highpass) will result in a nice DJ-like filter effect.
LOOP SPEED CONTROL lets you change the loop speed for the currently selected part.
300 preset kits that guarantee instant inspiration.
1200 24 bit host-synced loops totalling 3GB.
central mixing section with 2x parametric EQ per part.
seperate edit, fx and sequencer pages.
comprehensive effects section with 4x convolution reverb.
polyphonic timestretching, MIDI hotkeys.
intelligent randomization.
per-part step sequencer with sample and loop offset.
awesome editing and sound-shaping capabilities.
mix and match loops for endless posibilities.
fully ACIDized WAV loops ready for any DAW.
KONTAKT 5.5+ required.
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