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Descriptions for Revhead

Revhead is a simulation game car racing where you have to build your own racecar.
You have a friend, Charlie, who is busy with the construction of racing cars. He need your help and invites you to Australia. Your journey begins somewhere in a small town in Australia, where the only way to get recognition is whether it can build the best and fastest racing car. You’ve got Charlie, your experience and your garage. The rest is up to you!
You need to think like a real Revhead! You can buy or sell cars and components, fix and modify your car to make it faster. However, a good racecar is not always the fastest or the strongest, but the one that matches your driver. Configure your car in the way that suits your driving skills and race conditions.

Revhead is about to build and race the car of your dreams and while all your career skills will be needed to beat other on a track, you must also master the mechanical skills to repair, maintain or rebuild your car.
Real self is constructed from thousands of components. Each connected to each other and work together as a car. In this game, each car constructed from dozens of individual components interconnected in the same way as in reality. Each component can be removed, replaced and exchanged between other cars. Thus, not only you can personalize your work and painting perspective, but also the handling and performance of the car.

Understand your car!
Look at your car while driving, how you are driving, how smoking is or what noise comes from the hood. All this can help you identify the real problem.
You need a 4×4 but do not have the budget? Buy a wrecked car and transfer it to a supercharged 4×4 racing beast, using shocked and components used cars newspaper.
Your engine is strong, but your car does not reach the speed you need? Make sure your gears and differentials also match your goals.

Racing and behind
In reality, the races are about 80% of mechanical work, 19% and 1% test runs. In this game, we try to approach this, while still wanted to keep the fun. If you like cars, if you understand that a car not only has 4 wheels, 1 motor and a steering wheel, if you are not afraid of mistakes, if you dare to challenge others even when your dearest partner. COACH, then Noordu Welcome to the land of Revheads!

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