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Resolume Arena 5.1.2 macOS

Resolume Arena 5.1.2 macOS
Name: Resolume Arena v5.1.2 macOS [dada]
Size: 1.20 GB
Hash: c8802481907ccd3c1d61c4447d18e48c3179e9d3
Files Resolume Arena v5.1.2 macOS [dada]/Resolume Arena v5.1.2 macOS [dada].zip (1.20 GB)
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Name: Resolume Arena
Version: 5.1.2
Includes: Keygen
Courtesy of R2R.
Web Site:


We’re proud to present to you: Resolume Arena 5.0. This new major release focusses on video mapping in Arena. It brings zooming. Undo/redo. Slice masking. Poly slices. DMX fixture output. BlackMagic capture device output. Spout. And much much more, read the full release notes on the blog.
Arena 5.1.2 & Avenue 4.6.2 Update:

– [FIXED] Crash during startup
– [FIXED] Advanced screen setup and outputs not working in OSX 10.8 and lower
– [FIXED] Bezier outlines rendering is broken
– [FIXED] Certain blend modes still show white
– [FIXED] SVG output does not take into account perspective warping
– [FIXED] Crash when creating and deleting a fixture on Windows
Keygen APP OS X 2016.0 [dada]
.app to execute Keygen.exe

What’s New In Resolume Arena 5

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