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Red Giant Magic Bullet Suite 12

Red Giant Magic Bullet Suite 12
Name: Red Giant Magic Bullet Suite 12
Size: 222.7 MB
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More information:
Red Giant Magic Bullet Suite 12
Color correction, finishing and film looks for filmmakers
Magic Bullet Suite is a set of seven tools that bring intuitive, powerful color correction, and beyond, right to your editorial timeline.
The tools in Magic Bullet Suite are compatible with Adobe Premiere Pro, After Effects and more
This includes:
Magic Bullet Looks 3.0
Powerful looks and color correction for filmmakers.
– 198 brand-new, fully-customizable Look presets.
– Over 40 Powerful Tools to customize or build new Looks.
– The best, most-intuitive color correction experience in the industry.
Magic Bullet Colorista III
Professional color correction for filmmakers.
– Color Correct directly on your timeline – stay in your host-app.
– Essential, powerful color correction tools for the Pro.
– Integrated with the masking features built in to Adobe AE and PPro.
Magic Bullet Film 1.0
The look of real motion picture film.
– Emulates the entire photochemical process for an authentic look.
– Mix and match 22 negative stocks and 4 print stocks.
– Includes accurate, measured film grain and a foolproof vignette tool.
Magic Bullet Mojo 2.0
The look of a Hollywood blockbuster in seconds.
– Instantly gives your footage an action movie color grade.
– Accentuates and protects skin tones. Cools off your backgrounds.
– Highly customizable – Cool things off, warm them up, bleach them, and more.
Magic Bullet Cosmo 2.0
Fast, simple cosmetic cleanup.
– The fastest way to make your talent look their best.
– Quickly balance skin tones, reducing wrinkles and remove blemishes.
– Intuitive, simple controls to keep skin looking natural and consistent.
Denoiser II
Easy video noise reduction.
– Provides immediate one-step results.
– Removes noise while preserving detail.
– Cleans up footage shot in low light or at high ISOs.
LUT Buddy
Import, create and export Lookup Tables.
– Export a 1D or 3D LUT to easily communicate color with compliant software.
– Create LUTs for use in BulletProof, or read LUTs generated there.
– Works in Multiple Host applications including Premiere Pro and After Effects.
Host Apps:
Adobe AE & PPro CS6, CC, CC2014
Final Cut Pro X
Avid Media Composer
Photoshop CS5, CS 5.1, CS6, CC, CC2014

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