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Qbserve 1.53

Qbserve 1.53
Name: Qbserve 1.53
Size: 6.19 MB
Hash: 2c1eb9d3554bee269ed74f61327c368a69c07fdc
Files Qbserve 1.53/Qbserve 1.x [SP].zip (1.24 MB)
Qbserve 1.53/ (3.81 MB)
Qbserve 1.53/Special K for Sierra (1.14 MB)



Name: Qbserve for Mac
Version: 1.53
Release Date: October 31st, 2016
Mac Platform: Intel
OS version:OS X 10.10 or later
Processor type(s) & speed: 64-bit
Includes: K
Activation: Use the included Patcher (Courtesy Special [K])
*** For Sierra: Use the included “Special K for Sierra”, more info.
Web Site:


Qbserve is an automatic private time tracker that helps improve your productivity. It gives you instant answers about the way you spend your time by intelligently observing active apps. All the tracked information is stored privately on your machine.
Qbserve knows productivity rates for thousands of sites and apps and has a unique ability to differentiate between chats in Skype, teams in Slack, YouTube videos, and subreddits. You can also set alerts to notify you when you are reaching your goals or spending too much time on distractions.
・automatic recognition of apps and popular websites opened in Chrome, Safari, and Opera browsers
・separate productivity of Slack teams, chats in Skype, Telegram; YouTube videos, subreddits; different windows inside one application
・show application windows as standalone activities
・view all logged windows for each application record
・ignore any application, website, window, etc.
・enable dynamic dock icon and/or menu bar item status
・search activities with filters by name, productivity, category, application or time period
・edit uncategorized activities that weren’t recognized by Qbserve
・set idle time limit and turn it off for some categories like “Videos”
・view detailed chart with productivity meters for any period within a year
・get feedback on how productivity changes compared to previous days, weeks, months
・pause and resume time tracking
・track only selected weekdays or time periods
・shift the day starting time in case you are a night owl

What’s New in Version 1.53:

・New, more clear settings layout
・Added option to set a global shortcut to show Qbserve
・Added option to show durations instead of percents in the Overview tab columns
・Added option to open the app instantly from the menu bar instead of going through a menu
・Fixed tracking for many Steam games including Dota 2 and CS:GO
・Fixed tracking for Minecraft and probably some other Java-based apps
・Fixed YouTube videos tracking in FireFox
・Fixed text in popovers on macOS Sierra
・Fixed one more idle preventing bug

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