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mimoLive 2.6.1

mimoLive 2.6.1
Name: mimoLive 2.6.1
Size: 26.55 MB
Files mimoLive 2.6.1/ (26.09 MB)
mimoLive 2.6.1/cr-boinx.dmg (463.8 kB)



Name: mimoLive
Version: 2.6.1
Released: Oct 19th 2016
Mac Platform: Intel
OS version: 10.10 or later
Processor type(s) & speed: 64-bit processor
Includes: KG
Activation: Use the included KG (Courtesy of CORE) – Select “mimoLive v2” and click generate.
Web Site:

The Multi-in, Multi-out Live-Video Engine
Allows you to broadcast your message on a dime. Combine live camera video, clips, photos, 3D graphics, lower thirds, audio, and more to create a stunning recording or live video stream.
No postproduction is best postproduction.
Your audience loves video. The only problem is – it takes a lot of time and effort to produce. mimoLive live editing allows you to cut down on production time and get your videos out faster. It’s best suited to produce a lot of content really quickly. Its sweet spots are live streaming, news-style web shows, panel discussions, presentations and events.
Broadcast on a dime.
Get your message out in the most cost effective way. While mimoLive is extremely affordable, it gives you tools that rival the big broadcasters. Your show will be more alive, more interesting, more relevant. Using free video platforms such as YouTube or Facebook for distribution, it will reach more people than you ever thought possible.
Yes, you can just do it.
We live in an incredible time. While in the past those who could afford the expensive technology and specialized crews where gatekeepers keeping you from spreading your ideas, with mimoLive, now you can build and run your own TV studio at home, in your school, church, company or organization, broadcasting whatever is important to you.
Easy to learn, easy to master.
Learning how to use mimoLive is child’s play – literally. Its logical and intuitive production workflow can be mastered by anyone from school kids to senior citizens in very short time. And yet it is so powerful, it also satisfies the broadcasting veterans wildest dreams.
What’s new in version 2.6.1:

Fixed: mimoLive won’t start on certain setups
New: Added AV Sync Meter layer to measure audio and video sync offset
New: Added Remote Controls: Remotely control mimoLive from any webbrowser (e.g. on an iPad) – turn it on in the mimoLive Preferences window
New: Added an HTTP API: Control mimoLive with any scripting language you desire – turn it on in the mimoLive Preferences window
New: Added remote controls presets to some layers so that a layer with multiple buttons can be created at once on the Remote Control surface.
New: Added support for directly stream to with easy setup and login in the mimoLive Preferences
New: Dragging while holding Control or Option key creates file reference sources.
New: Configurable audio monitor mix lets you solo, mute and level layers independently from program audio out
New: Program audio out can be muted
New: Added a “Remove All” button to the Recent Recordings window and cleaned it up.
Enhancement: Streaming button shows connection attempt in yellow to give better feedback whats going on.
Enhancement: Reduced GPU usage in Face tracking video filter
Enhancement: Video Switcher Layer now supports the control of AXIS PTZ cameras
Enhancement: Duration display of playlist items now uses the HH:MM:SS format
Fixed: Status colors in render performance monitor
Fixed: Render performance monitor now closes with the document
Fixed: Crash when creating a playlist source by adding a playlist file
Fixed: At special conditions audio could have played even if the Audio Only layer was not live.
Fixed: Crash when opening the Preferences window
Fixed: Sometimes an image source was not displayed in program out.
Fixed: Facebook streaming didn’t connect on first try
Fixed: Audio got hick ups during long recording sessions.
Fixed: Bug in Video Switcher layer that causes to display the placeholder “D” image if “layers below” was selected in the preview
Fixed: Removed a dependency from the program out to the preview view that causes the program out to stutter
Fixed: iOS Device Demo layer had some visual glitches when switching on and off with dissolve transition enabled.
Fixed: Some small crashes

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