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MakeMusic Finale
Name: MakeMusic Finale
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Name: MakeMusic Finale – Music notation app.
Released: October 20th, 2016
Mac Platform: Intel
OS Version: OS X 10.10 or later (compatible with macOS 10.12 Sierra)
Processor type(s) & speed: 64-bit processor
Web Site:

Finale, which was created by MakeMusic Company, is one of the largest, most respected and most widely used notation software on the market. MakeMusic Finale began in 1988 and has expanded steadily in use and opularity.
MakeMusic Finale is mainly used by professionals in the music industry but can also be used by amateurs and aspiring musicians, composers and producers who want to give a professional touch to their music. MakeMusic Finale has been used to create scores for many popular films including Oscar nominees like Million Dollar Baby, The Aviator and The Village. MakeMusic Finale was also used to write the score of one of the Harry Potter films (Prisoner of Azkaban), together with successful animations such as The Polar Express and Ratatouille. MakeMusic Finale is also used by numerous composers and featured such advertisers as Brian Ferneyhough, Hal Leonard Corporation and Henle Verlag.

What’s New in Version

・Graphics. Finale’s output is true black and a transparent background can now be selected in the Graphic tool’s Export dialog box.
・Hyphens. Users can now choose the hyphen character for their lyrics under Document > Document Options > Lyrics.
・Key Signature dialog box Scroll bars have been improved in the Key Signature dialog box.
・Mute All and Solo All. Individual and universal Mute and Solo settings can easily be toggled using M and S in the Score Manager.
・Palettes. Improvements to the palettes including titles, resizing, and scrolling have been made.
・Repeats. Find options to determine the position of your repeat ending brackets by using the Repeat Endings dialog box in the Document Options.
・ReWire. Don’t Show Again checkbox has been added to the HyperScribe in ReWire mode warning.
・Time Signature dialog box. The user interface for the Number of Beats and Beat Duration options have been improved.
・Windows. Finale includes Automatic Tabbed Windows and Automatic Snapping Windows in Mac OS X 10.12.
・”Let Ring” ties on noteheads are now exported to MusicXML.
・MusicXML now exports Engraver Font Set brackets correctly.
・Center Smart Shape text is correctly exported to MusicXML.
・Chords with suffixes that define a numeric chord type after parenthesized alterations are exported correctly to MusicXML.
・MusicXML export support for MaestroTimes font has been added.
・Improved MusicXML export of accidentals in page-attached text.
・MusicXML now respects Finale’s Show on Multimeasure Rests and Show Measure Ranges on Multimeasure Rests options.
・MusicXML now supports Engraver Text arrow characters.
・MusicXML supports export for tacet parts with no instruments.
Playback Controls:
・Finale’s Playback Controls can now be used while in ReWire mode.
・The Slave to ReWire Master Tempo check box has been added to the Playback Controls to allow the user to either use Finale’s tempo map or their DAW’s tempo.
・A Sync button has been added to the Playback Controls to update score data when using a DAW to playback.
Decimal Character:
・The localized decimal character is correctly recognized in Finale’s dialog boxes.
Dialog Boxes:
・Text in the Metatool creation warning is no longer truncated.
・Text in the Extract Parts dialog box is aligned correctly.
・Truncated text in View Continuous Data dialog box has been fixed.
Enharmonic Spelling:
・The Enharmonic Spelling preference is maintained from session to session.
Human Playback:
・Switching between open documents no longer resets the Human Playback Swing value to 0.
Measure Number Regions:
・Choosing Display as Frames under Measure > Edit Measure Number Regions > Style > Time only draws one instance of the time.
・Files with slurs referencing non-existing starting measures export to Finale and re-import into Finale with all slurs intact.
・MusicXML export succeeds when percussion instruments have unassigned playback.
・Processing instructions are now included when logging is turned on during Finale MusicXML batch export.
・MusicXML does not export a tempo of 0 from expressions.
・MusicXML imports Sibelius percussion notes on the correct staff lines.
・Tool palettes correctly resize in Mac OS X 10.12.
・Parts named with the forward slash character (/) can now be saved, extracted, printed, and exported as a PDF.
・When printing to PDF, users are no longer prompted with “UNTITLED” instead of the document name.
・Finale does not adjust the name of a PDF export for scores that do not contain linked parts, ” – score”, or a score/part insert.
・The Default Document text field in the Preferences – New dialog box now displays the correct file when saved.
・Mismatched Page Size dialog box does not appear when printing matched page sizes.
・The Copies text field in the Print dialog box multiplies the number of sets in the Score and Part selection.
SmartMusic Markers:
・Clicking Done in the SmartMusic Markers dialog box no longer crashes Finale.
Speedy Entry:
・Using Caps Lock to enter notes in Speedy Entry now works consistently.
・Switching away from Finale and back, while the Text menu is active, no longer disables font family submenus.
Tool Sets:
・Relaunching Finale after creating a Tool Set no longer crashes the program.
Transpose MIDI on Input:
・The correct note is now played or entered when using a simplified key signature in a transposing staff.


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