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LAMA 1.4.5

LAMA 1.4.5
Name: Lama 1.4.5
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Name: LAMA
Version: 1.4.5
Mac Platform: Intel
OS Version: OS X 10.8 or later
Processor type(s) & speed: 64-bit processor
Web Site:

LAMA is the Audio Measurement Application that tells you what you do and not what to do! It is a toolbox of audio-measurement instruments that allow fast & easy setup, designed for live sound-reinforcement but also suitable for all other needs of audio-engineering.
Transfer Measurements
LAMA has source independent Transfer Measurements – simply connect your desk-output as reference signal and a microphone as measurement signal and see frequency response and coherence – since it is source independent you can do this during your show, and see things like “what happened since soundcheck?” or “what is going on on the balcony above me?”
Frequency Analysis
The Spectrum Analyzer and Spectral History (Spectrogram) instrument are used to monitor the audio-spectrum of every signal you are interested in, and of course they have various types of display -like iso-octaves or continuous- to customize the view to your personal likings.
Sound Pressure Level Meter
Once calibrated, you can use the Sound Pressure Level Meter to show current SPL in different weightings and response times and also watch the LEQ and predict it. Sound Pressure Levels can also be logged and exported into a CSV-file later for further processing in a spreadsheet-application.
HTTP Server
LAMA comes with an integrated HTTP Server that allows to deliver current SPL data and long-term log data over LAN or WAN to every Web-browser.
SPL Alerts
In case you are not allowed to exceed a certain SPL-Limit, the SPL Traffic Light helps you to do so. You prefer to be alarmed with a GROWL Notification? No problem, LAMA can do so!
Level History Instrument
The Level History Instrument shows the peak and RMS audio level of the recent past and the integrated Level Distribution indicates the perceived loudness, which helps to produce your audio-program with a constant level.
The Goniometer shows the stereo-image and correlation of a source. A must-have when recording and also very useful in sound-reinforcement to monitor playback sources from CD or video.
Need to record, quickly, without a hassle? LAMA has an integrated audio-recorder that does so! Record your show without a lot of configuration!
The Oscilloscope shows the waveform of two different signals – of course with adjustable level-threshold and time settings.
What’s New in Version 1.4.5:
fixed: delay finder results could not be removed.

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