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iFFmpeg 6.2.1

iFFmpeg 6.2.1
Name: iFFmpeg 6.2.1
Size: 33.16 MB
Files iFFmpeg (33.16 MB)



Name: iFFmpeg for Mac
Version: 6.2.1
Release Date: 13 Oct 2016
Mac Platform: Intel
OS version:OS X 10.7.3 or later Working FFmpeg OS X binary (see Related Links)
Processor type(s) & speed: 64-bit
Web Site:

iFFmpeg is a comprehensive media tool to convert movie, audio and media files between formats. The FFmpeg command line instructions can be very hard to master/understand, so iFFmpeg does all the hard work for you. This allows you to use FFmpeg without detailed command-line knowledge.
What’s New in Version 6.2.1:

・Fixed issue when encoding with hardware accelerated AAC or ALAC audio codecs (regresion issue introduced in 6.2)
・It is now not possible anymore to scale the Save User Preset window sheet ((regresion issue introduced in 6.2)
・The batch list options are now updated when using the up and down keys
・Added support for HE-AAC v1 when using the CoreAudio AAC encoder
・Adding a new audio stream now correctly sets the available audio codecs
・Now sets the resolution and framerate to ‘original’ when setting the video codec to VP8 or VP9 (webm container)
・Removed ‘Always use mapping’ preference option; this is now always the case
・Added check for samplerate compatibility with CoreAudio AAC hardware accelerated encoder
・Added support for DNxHD 1920×1080 HD1080i/24fps (with 36000, 115000 and 175000kbs)
・Added x264 option ‘Use A53 Closed Captions’
・Improved optional XDCAM HD422 user presets
・Improved all iDevice and Android presets considerably
・Changed the selected batch color to have a bigger contrast with non-selected batch files
・Enabling Close GOP now works as expected
・Extended range for Slices to 30
・Improved calculating optimised GOP size for encoding to VOB container
・Added ‘SRT Without Styling Info’ for extracting subtitles.- Minor interface refinements
・Now shows if AAC or ALAC is hardware accelerated in the popover window
・Improved chapter editing
・Improved creating FFmpeg commanlines
・Merging without re-encoding now works for all container and video/audio codec combinations
・Merging movies with more than one subtitle is now possible
・Editing metadata key names are now correctly initialised
・Merging with re-encoding now works again as expected
・Padding out of scope values are now accepted
・x265 Profile options now works correctly
・Creating a new chapter markers now shifts the time correctly
・Encoding to ProRes doens’t freezes iFFmpeg anymore
・Updated MediaInfo to version 0.7.88
・Fixed issue enabling x265 option ‘Adaptive Quantization Mode’
・Fixed crash when no LUT file is selected for the LUT 3D video filter
・Fixed setting the Adjust Volume value
・Fixed issue rendering Timecode when selecting position Top/Middle
・Fixed issue that could crash iFFmpeg when quiting
・Fixed issue when batch thread is waiting in line
・Fixed issue when setting threading slices
・Fixed issue selecting Chinese or Chinese Simplified for subtitles and audio streams
・Fixed issue setting a value for MPEG-TS option ‘First pid of the PMT’
・Fixed issue parsing First pid of the PMT and First pid. (MPEG-TS)
・Fixed several issues with updating DNxHD and DVVideo GUI settings
・Fixed issues when using the latest FFmpeg builds
・Fixed regression issue encoding to MP4 containers – introduced in 6.1
・Fixed issue saving user presets for x264 and x265 video options
・Fixed huge memoryleak when Watchfolders is enabled
・Fixed issue hardburning subtitles
・Fixed and improved FFmpeg Manager
・Fixed issue hard burning subtitles embedded subtitles
・Fixed issue when encoding to AAC with CoreAudio
・Fixed issue using Cropping with custom values
・Fixed issue initialising the audio settings when video codec is set to passthru
・Fixed issue disabling Macroblock tree ratecontrol (x264)

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