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FontExplorer X Pro 5.5

FontExplorer X Pro 5.5
Name: FontExplorer X Pro 5.5
Size: 23.85 MB
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Name: FontExplorer X Pro
Version: 5.5
Mac Platform: Intel
Includes: Pre-K’ed
OS version: 10.8+
Processor type(s) & speed: 64-bit
RAM minimum: n/a
Video RAM: n/a
More Info:
New in Version 5.5:

• FontExplorer X Pro now addresses compatibility issues with PostScript fonts and OS X 10.11 (El Capitan) by automatically identifying problematic PostScript Fonts and providing the user an option to automatically resolve the issue. New settings in the Advanced panel of the FontExplorer X Pro preferences support this feature for local fonts
• An incorrect font icon (dimmed status) was shown in the font list for OpenType fonts that were grouped by family or style linked
• When an InDesign document requested a TrueType font via the plugin, FontExplorer X Pro sometimes showed the font as missing
Plug-Ins — Resolved
• FontExplorer X Pro crashed when loading the new plugin after a successful update
Plug-Ins — Known Issues
• Photoshop CS5-CC 2014: Fonts in layered TIFF files are not activated by the plugin. Activation occurs correctly when converted to a PSD file
• Missing fonts are not detected in Illustrator PDF files and no font request occurs
• No font request occurs on EPS documents with non-embedded fonts
FontExplorer X Server Users and Administrators — New Features and Improvements
• Added backup management features to allow adding comments to backups, automatically deleting backups and permanently keeping backups (requires FontExplorer X Server version 2.5)
• Added optional advanced client-server communication (non XML communication)
• FontExplorer X Pro now addresses compatibility issues with PostScript fonts downloaded from the Server and OS X 10.11 El Capitan. When the option is activated, PostScript Fonts will be made accessible to applications that require such fonts in a special location
FontExplorer X Server Users and Administrators — Resolved
• Disable Client Updates setting was not enabled in the trial version of FontExplorer X Pro and as a result, the software update popup was appearing on every startup of FontExplorer X Pro
• FontExplorer X Pro had performance issues when downloading several thousand server fonts
• FontExplorer X Pro requested login credentials on startup for login-items located on a network drive, when the drive was not mounted
FontExplorer X Server Users and Administrators — Known Issues
• Imported LDAP users are not shown in Account Management and status shows “not imported” if before completing the import process a source list item is selected, the changes in the LDAP panel saved, then return to the LDAP panel and complete the import process
• If a nested LDAP Security Group name contains special characters such as *, /, ( or ) then the users inside the nested group are not shown
• The Preview feature for non-downloaded server fonts does not support previewing of Mac or Windows PostScript fonts. A message indicates that these font types need to be downloaded in order to preview
Credits to The Shark
The dmg contains a k’d version and a license file, that is said to only work with that version. That’s why I didn’t separate them.

FontExplorer X is the simple, speedy way to find and organize all of your fonts.
FontExplorer X Pro is optimized for professional use; it’s the solution that gives you the power you need to manage all your fonts.
Now you can more easily manage, activate and organize your existing font collection as well as find and experiment with new fonts. Whether you’ve got a hard drive full of typefaces or a few cherished families, FontExplorer X Pro handles your font library quickly, efficiently and reliably. And when you’re ready to add to your collection, you can view thousands of classic designs and the latest releases from independent foundries using the integrated store.
FontExplorer X Pro features an enhanced user interface with a configurable toolbar, activation control, comprehensive font information at your fingertips, customizable font previews, back-up functionality and access to FontExplorer X Server. Used together, FontExplorer X Pro and FontExplorer X Server are your complete solution for organizing, exploring and buying fonts and managing font licenses.
Enable/disable fonts
Clear system font caches
Organize fonts with Sets
Customizable previews
Character view
Detailed font info
Spotlight support
Dark mode support
Optimized for Retina Displays
Conflict handling
Backup functionality
Support included
Full list of features:

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