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Embertone Recorders KONTAKT

Embertone Recorders KONTAKT
Name: Embertone Recorders KONTAKT
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We’re bringing it to the next level with this release of a full SSATB set of recorders! Our beloved IVORY WIND, released in 2012, was our first foray into wind instrument sampling, one of our first ever experiments with true sampled legato. With this set of recorders, we are officially putting Ivory Wind to rest! The instruments we sampled for this product are beautiful, handmade specimens, recorded with an insane level of detail. We captured a stunning 4X round robin legato so that you can play ultra-realistic melodies and repetitive patterns.
This collection was 5 years in the making… and all the great stuff we’ve learned over the last half decade is packed into this lovely set. These kind of wind instruments are our true roots, and it’s a thrill for us to let this set of expressive instruments into the wild. Enjoy!
•NOT made for Kontakt Player. This library will only work with the FULL version of Kontakt 5.3.1+
•True Legato RR X 4 (!?!)
•scripting by Casey Edwards
•Control over vibrato speed and intensity
•Dynamic Control
•6900+ recorded samples
•5.5 GB installed
•Sample resolution: 44.1Khz/24-bit stereo, NCW Format
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Embertone Recorders KONTAKT/Recorders.part1.rar (901.8 MB)
Embertone Recorders KONTAKT/Recorders.part2.rar (901.8 MB)
Embertone Recorders KONTAKT/Recorders.part3.rar (901.8 MB)
Embertone Recorders KONTAKT/Recorders.part4.rar (901.8 MB)
Embertone Recorders KONTAKT/Recorders.part5.rar (901.8 MB)
Embertone Recorders KONTAKT/Recorders.part6.rar (898.8 MB)
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