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Book Collector Pro 16.0.8

Book Collector Pro 16.0.8
Name: Book Collector Pro 16.0.8
Size: 17.80 MB
Files Book Collector 16.0.8.dmg (17.80 MB)



Name: Book Collector Pro
Version: 16.0.8
Mac Platform:
Intel processor
OS X 10.7 or later
Includes: K’ed
Web Site:

Catalog your books in a database automatically
Book Collector lets you catalog your books in a database automatically by just typing the book title or scanning the ISBN barcode to download all data from various sources on the Internet. Browse your collection by a series of organizing factors, or use the Thumbnail View to view your cover images. While this program’s appeal is limited, those who need such software will be impressed.
This program starts users off with a sample book collection, allowing them to experiment and get a feel before inputting their own books. The interface is plain but easy to follow. Building your collection is as simple as entering the ISBN number. From there a picture of the book cover appears along with a brief description and other publishing details. If your book was published before ISBNs were issued, there is an option to enter all the data manually.
Once a catalog is created, Book Collector functions much like the software at libraries or book stores. There are filters to sort entries, as well as a keyword search that scans the brief descriptions. In addition, there is a wealth of information you can input about the book, such as date purchased, purchase price, and more. Book Collector even offers people a way to track books that have been loaned out.
Anyone with more books than they know what to do with, or someone looking to organize their collection for selling or loaning, will find Book Collector indispensable. From its ease of adding book information to its customizable searches, this download is a book lover’s dream.
It passed with flying colors!There was only one book that it could not find of the forty-one I entered into the system in less than 30 minutes.I could have entered many more books, but I had to go slowly because I was entering title and author (books before 1966 did not have an ISBN-International Standard Book Number).However if your book was published or re-published after 1970, when the ISBN became standard, it will have this number.
Anyway, if you have an ISBN, all you do is type in that number, it will either be 10 digit number or a 13 digit number depending on when it was published, and then select your book from a list.If you type in the ISBN, the list is usually only one book.If you type in the title and author, you can pull from a list of up to like 10 books-it depends on how popular the author was, how popular that title was, or how many editions of that book exist.This selection is based upon database of books.If the book does not come up, it will tell you to click on “Previous” and either give a fuller title (which usually made the difference) or make sure you typed in the information correctly.
Once you have your information correct and you have a book selected, you click “Next” and select your book from the Library of Congress’ catalogue.Clicking “Next” will then add your book to your collection complete with the author’s name, the title of the book, the ISBN (even books before 1966 have an ISBN assigned to them), the year your book was published (this can be tricky if you have a particular edition), the publisher’s information, and in many cases, the number of pages in the book as well as the cost of the book.
There is a second option that allows you to manually add the book which is what I had to do for one book because it could not be found by the “Add Book Automatically” feature.In this case, you simply enter title, author, and as much other information as you want from that particular book. Through this feature, you can add your personal notes about a book, when and where and how much you paid for the book, as well as downloading the exact cover of your book rather than the “standard” cover of the more recent edition from Amazon.
There are so many more features to this product that I do not have the time to share in this review.Suffice it to say that once your books (or other media) are entered into your computer, the manner in which they are stored and organized is limitless.
What’s New in Version 16.0.8:

• Main Screen: 2 Panels Horizontal Layout: view sizes were not restored.
• Add Automatically: By barcode: Sometimes a new book was added without barcode.
• Manage Pick List: sometimes no warning was shown for duplicated items.
• CLZ Cloud Sync: Fixed a crash when down-syncing a new book.
• 2 Panels Mode: Folders were always sorted by article.
• Folders: Preference “Ignore SortName of Person Item” was not working.

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