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Audio Imperia Traveler Aurus KONTAKT

Audio Imperia Traveler Aurus KONTAKT
Name: Audio Imperia Traveler Aurus KONTAKT
Size: 2.80 GB
Hash: f54c9b622c4a251e872d36981540b45cfbad35db
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AUDIO IMPERIA’s “Traveler Aurus“ is the first instrument in our new “Traveler” series, produced by composer and sound designer Dylan Jones.
The Traveler series follows an adventurer across the universe to unknown landscapes and far-off worlds. He is a seeker of not only sights, but also of sounds. Each volume serves as a catalog of sounds that our traveler records while journeying across an unexplored planet. Haunting and whimsical atmospheres, curious objects and materials, volatile and beautiful environmental phenomena, or even mysterious and graceful beasts, all of these surroundings offer not only a new world to see, but a new world to hear as well.
The first volume, or first planet, Aurus, is a barren landscape above ground. But below, a massive and thriving subterranean ecosystem lies beneath. Hauntingly beautiful light waves of lush purples and blues fly across the sky; monstrous pillars made of rock stretching from the floor to the sky-high ceiling reach as far as the eye can see; bioluminescent critters and foliage flourish among hidden dens and dark forests filled with gem-encrusted trees; mountain ranges filled with bizarre weather patterns and peculiar beings climb to the crust above; and serene rivers filled with even more hints of the planet’s history run across the landscape, eventually plunging their waters into pitch dark abysses that might never be explored.
Traveler Aurus includes over 500 samples, that we packaged into our powerful AI Kontakt engine. The intuitive engine is specifically made with sound design in mind and comes with multiple step modulators, a dual FX page layout and much more.
20 Kontakt Patches and 4.21 GB of content, with a total of:
•293 Atmospheres & Drones (divided into Nontonal and Tonal)
•55 Pads & Synths
•81 Pulses
•131 Rhythms
•Traveler requires the full version of Kontakt 5.5.2 or higher (the patches will not run in the free Kontakt Player)
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