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Arturia STAGE-73 V

Arturia STAGE-73 V
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Name: Arturia STAGE-73 V
Language: English
Mac Platform: Intel
OS Version: OS X 10.8 or later
Includes: Patch
Web Site:


The Stage-73 gives you actual authentic modeling of both Stage and Suitcase versions of the most popular electric piano on the planet —completed with unparalleled control of virtual mechanics, a complement of effects pedals, and built-in classic amps.
The Stage-73 uses our award-winning modeling technology to faithfully reproduce the tine-based sound and playing experience of the most loved electric pianos of all time. We modeled both the Fender Rhodes Suitcase Piano and Stage Piano—including separate 1973 and 1974 models of the Stage in order to capture the difference in their components. We’re talking total sonic and aesthetic fidelity to the originals. You can even easily pop the top and customize the various mechanical components to make your instrument unique. Classic amps and an array of effect pedals round out the virtual electric piano you’ve always dreamed of having.
Main Features
・Advanced Physical modeling engine (no static samples)
・Stage and Suitcase models
・Stage model features
・Fender Rhodes™ Stage 73 1973 and earlier (Tone)
・Fender Rhodes™ Stage 73 1974 and later (Bass Boost)
・Fender Twin amp
・Modeled spring reverb
・On and off axis mic placement
・Tone controls
・Mono vibrato
・Effects are post output circuits
・Suitcase model features
・Bass and treble EQ models
・Stereo Vibrato with speed and intensity controls
・Modeled preamp of the Suitcase amp
・Effects loop (pre-EQ)
・Output effects where you can change the order
・Volume, wah, auto-wah
・Analog Delay
・Advanced mode for editing the model itself
・Harmonic profile selections
・Velocity curve editor
・Tone bar resonance
・Pickup distance
・Pickup alignment
・Damper distance
・Dynamic range
・Hammer hardness
・Hammer noise
・80 factory presets
・Easy to use MIDI mapping

What’s New in Version 1.0.4:

Fixed reverberation tail that was cut a bit short Fixed Analog Delay sound on last echoes
Various compatibility improvements on NKS

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