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AKVIS SmartMask 9.0

AKVIS SmartMask 9.0
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Name: AKVIS SmartMask
Version: 9.0
Language: English
Mac Platform: Intel
OS Version: OS X 10.7 or later
Includes: Patch
Web Site:


AKVIS SmartMask is an efficient selection tool that saves time and is fun to use.
There are many occasions when you need to target a specific area of an image. It is often necessary to highlight regions to which an effect or correction should be applied. Creation of photo collages and montages requires a precise selection of objects. This can be a painful task because many objects don’t have clearly defined edges and fade into the background. For instance, just try selecting yourself in a group photo.
AKVIS SmartMask makes even a difficult selection incredibly simple! Now, you can spend less of your time on selection of objects and more of it on creativity.
Extracting Complex Objects a Breeze!:
The software provides powerful tools for masking objects on images and removing backgrounds. It can create various selection types, with both soft and sharp edges. It even lets you select fluff, hair, fur, tree branches, glass, or a transparent veil with just a few mouse clicks! The program also lets you get rid of the unwanted color shades left on the cutout object by the environment.
Outstanding Tools You’ll Love:
There are two modes of image processing: Auto mode, which offers a powerful algorithm for automatic recognition of areas, and Manual mode, that includes a set of smart and helpful brushes to touch up the results where needed.
The interface is so intuitive that you will feel like a child drawing in class: there are two pencils in Auto mode – you draw a line with the blue pencil inside the object you want to select (for example, yourself on a group photo), and then use the red pencil to create lines outside the object which define the areas that should be cut out (the other people in the photo). The program then interprets your intentions and intelligently makes the selection you want, understanding where the borders are.
With simple images, these pencils are often enough to produce professional-looking results. One more useful tool is Quick Selection in Manual mode, a powerful feature that allows you select regions automatically with just a few clicks.
In cases where the selected object stands against a background of a similar color range, or the object’s edges are uneven, you can use the touch-up brushes, like the Magic Brush and Background Eraser.
Also, it is possible to automatically remove the specified colors from an image using the cutting-edge Chroma Key technology. The edges of the cut-out can be additionally adjusted using the Refine Edges mode.
Afterwards, place the resulting selection on a new background – there’s no limit for your creativity!
Less Time on Selections, More on Creating!:
Like all AKVIS products, SmartMask is not only a straightforward tool, but also fun to use. It makes the dull process of image manipulation a fun and entertaining.
Making selections can take a great deal of time out of a designer’s work day. For this reason, with AKVIS SmartMask you can considerably increase your productivity! You will be freed from boring work and will have more room for creativity and realization of your ideas.
Saving your Work:
When using the software, you can save a working draft of your project into an .akvis file which contains the original image, the state of the image at the moment it was saved with all its parameters and settings, and, in the Deluxe/Business versions, any manually created checkpoints which where added during your work. This very helpful feature is highly appreciated by professionals.

What’s New in Version 9.0:

AKVIS SmartMask 9.0 brings a lot of exciting features including the new Chroma Key mode which automatically removes specific colors from an image, the Custom Background mode with different adjustment options, extended Eraser tool settings, etc. Also, the Refine Edges mode and the Quick Selection tool have been enhanced for improved usability and performance. Making selections has never been easier!
In Version 9.0:
Chroma Key
The new Chroma Key mode (Deluxe/Business*) allows you to quickly and accurately remove a monochrome background.
The feature offers three operating modes to choose from depending on the background type: Uniform, Non-Uniform, or Gradient. Discover the secrets of expert image masking!
Watch the video tutorial to learn more about the new feature.
Custom Background
The Custom Background mode allows you to place the user’s background image behind the cut-out object.
You can optionally edit the image using the Transform and Correction tabs. Experiment with settings to achieve a natural-looking result!
Watch the video tutorial to learn more about the new feature.
Feature Improvements
The enhanced Refine Edges mode (Deluxe/Business*) allows to preserve more fine details than before.
The Quick Selection tool has been improved and now makes the selection more precise.
Also in the new version:
– added Eraser Tool options in Auto mode for removing specific line types;
– added the new Custom Background mask view mode;
– user interface enhancements;
– fixed minor bugs;
– and other changes.

AKVIS SmartMask

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