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Adobe Dreamweaver CC 2015

Adobe Dreamweaver CC 2015
Name: Adobe Dreamweaver CC 2015
Size: 520.7 MB
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Note: For this you need an Adobe account. If you don’t have one, you can quickly create one for free here: You don’t need Creative Cloud.
There is no exact version specified because you can update it when downloaded, however ONLY before crack!
If you want to you can also download and Install the Application itself via Creative Cloud and only download the crack from here, but only if you know what you are doing. It will work as well.
Adobe Dreamweaver CC 2015
System requirements:
Multicore Intel processor
Mac OS X v10.9, 10.10
2GB of RAM
1.1GB of available hard-disk space for installation; additional free space required during installation (cannot install on a volume that uses a case-sensitive fi le system or on removable flash storage devices)
1280×1024 display with 16-bit video card
Whats new:
Create responsive websites
Build websites that dynamically adapt to fit multiple screen sizes with built-in Bootstrap integration. Revitalize your existing sites, start from scratch, use templates, or incorporate Bootstrap components. Preview your designs in real time by resizing Live View in Dreamweaver. Set media queries visually, and more.
Code faster
New code editor themes, real-time code validation with Linting and Autocomplete with Emmet support make writing code in Dreamweaver faster and easier than ever.
Preview on any device
Test and inspect websites on multiple devices simultaneously. Just type a short URL into your mobile device’s browser to preview your sites.
Batch export from PSDs
Save time by quickly extracting web-optimized images from Adobe Photoshop documents in multiple resolutions and formats.
And so much more
Also includes: A new DOM panel for easily navigating and editing HTML page elements; real-time previews of colors and images in Code view; new responsive code snippets to make development faster; automatic push of dynamic files when you save; and more.

Dreamweaver CC 2015 2.0/Dreamweaver_CC_2015.dmg (514.1 MB)
Dreamweaver CC 2015 2.0/Readme.txt (1.19 kB)
Crack Files:
Dreamweaver CC 2015 2.0/Crack/amtlib.framework/Resources/Info.plist (1.38 kB)
Dreamweaver CC 2015 2.0/Crack/amtlib.framework/Versions/A/CodeResources (2.19 kB)
Dreamweaver CC 2015 2.0/Crack/amtlib.framework/Versions/A/Resources/Info.plist (1.38 kB)
Dreamweaver CC 2015 2.0/Crack/amtlib.framework/Versions/A/_CodeSignature/CodeResources (2.19 kB)
Dreamweaver CC 2015 2.0/Crack/amtlib.framework/Versions/A/amtlib (2.20 MB)
Dreamweaver CC 2015 2.0/Crack/amtlib.framework/Versions/Current/CodeResources (2.19 kB)
Dreamweaver CC 2015 2.0/Crack/amtlib.framework/Versions/Current/Resources/Info.plist (1.38 kB)
Dreamweaver CC 2015 2.0/Crack/amtlib.framework/Versions/Current/_CodeSignature/CodeResources (2.19 kB)
Dreamweaver CC 2015 2.0/Crack/amtlib.framework/Versions/Current/amtlib (2.20 MB)
Dreamweaver CC 2015 2.0/Crack/amtlib.framework/amtlib (2.20 MB)

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