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Abvent Artlantis Studio

Abvent Artlantis Studio
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Name: Abvent Artlantis Studio
More information:
System Requirements:

• Intel Core i3, 4 Core, 2 GHz or equivalent.
• RAM: 8GB.
• System: Mac OS X 10.8.5.
• 1GB graphics card, OpenGL capable.
• Display resolution: 1280 x 800.

The new, physically correct Artlantis 6 rendering engine, with its legendary simplicity, allows you to create visualizations of an incomparable beauty and quality. To create stunning images, Artlantis 6 now includes its own built-in physical engine, emphasizing physical rendering quality, precision, material accuracy, and energy consumption.
White Balance
White Balance allows you to adjust the dominant color of a scene to the ambient lighting. Simply set this new parameter to automatic color mode or select a reference color, which will be recognized as white in the 3D scene.
Ambient occlusion
This new option in Artlantis allows users to display a global ambient occlusion to create virtual shadows in small areas where natural light doesn’t go. It brings more depth and relief to both interior and exterior scenes.
White model
During calculation, white model rendering changes all surfaces to white except for those that are transparent. Lights maintain their color for sophisticated environments.
Choose among many pre-set modes (indoor, outdoor, low light) and different definitions (speed, medium, quality), to quickly set the best results!
Artlantis offers two illumination methods: Automatic Light Adjustment and ISO/Shutter. By choosing the Automatic Light Adjustment setting, the lights and neon power used in the scene are automatically adjusted to the sky and sun illumination
IES Lights
By default, Artlantis offers 8 IES pre-set profiles. Artlantis 6 now allows you to import downloaded IES profiles from manufacturers’ websites. These files are used to simulate realistic illumination of your projects. For even greater flexibility, Artlantis 6 allows you to easily edit the brightness, color, direction and opening angle.
Artlantis now fully compatible with HDRI files, for the background and for the global illumination. The “enhanced sky” function in the engine settings increases the photorealism of the images.
Neon shader
In addition, neon lights have been completely updated for this version with considerable gains in terms of quality and calculation speed.
Site insertion
When using the site insertion feature, Artlantis 6 offers a new and simple projection process with more accurate calculations. After aligning the XYZ axis in the 2D view and in the preview window, the model is easily positioned on the background image. A revolutionary integrated tool allows you to add transparency to a foreground image directly in Artlantis to enhance the quality of your projects.
Integrated Alpha Mask Editor
This revolutionary tool allows you to add transparency to a foreground image directly in Artlantis to enhance the quality of your projects.
Laser projection
With a simple click on the reference plane in the preview window, you set the position and orientation of the projection of the laser. A red line projected 360 in the model allows you to automatically position the objects or textures.
Catalog & Media
Accessing the Artlantis Media Store is now done with a single click. To customize your catalog, Artlantis 6 lets you freely create your own folders at level 2. New selection features allow you to view recently used media, shaders and objects already in the project or those added to the selection. Thanks to the “drop-drop” tool, you can insert random media from the selection into the project with every click of the mouse.
What’s New in Version

• Reading SketchUp 2016 files
• Cancelling the move of a camera didn’t retreive the original position in one step
• Use Reference File didn’t add the Infinite Ground linked to the panoramas
• Crash using the Use Reference File command
• After having done a reference to a file, save an .atlo file did not saved the Objects and Shaders folders
• An .atl file get corrupted
• An image stored in the Media catalog couldn’t get opened in the Artlantis alpha channel editor
• Zooming in the Media Catalog the vignettes became blurred.
• Vignetting parameters didn’t get into account when using a reference file
• Matte Shadow a soft shadow became hard after a file reference
• The old .atl Art*lantis 4.5 files didn’t get opened
• The coordinates of animated sequences: the angle values H and V were not taken into account.
• Media file issue to read them in a user’s session.
• Crash when rendering a VR Object
• Tree billboards impossible to select something seen through a billboard transparency Crash while using the Ageratum_houstonianum tree object.
• Impossible to set a light at 360°
• Postcard impossible to get the texture depending of a Shader
• Impossible to import a file when the User or User_Name had accentuated or “exotic” characters.
• Unable to convert an image into .atlp
• Removing a “Use independent material” Artlantis crashes
• Crash when removing or replacing an object
• Animation of a light on the path impossible to add a control point
• Media Store issue / Failed to extract package
• Add other image formats to Alpha Mask Editor
Multilenguaje (incluido español)
Artlantis es la herramienta ideal para la rápida y sencilla creación de renders 3D de alta calidad especialmente para arquitectos y diseñadores. Además de la creación de renders de alta resolución para imágenes fijas, Artlantis Studio es la herramienta adecuada para la creación de Panoramas QuickTime ® VR, objetos y animaciones.
Un nuevo logo y nuevas facetas de Artlantis empiezan a moverse en torno a una interfaz rediseñada, mejores medios y funciones optimizadas.
Con la versión 6, las actualizaciones de Artlantis claramente proclaman: “La ergonomía, simplicidad y calidad” para representaciones foto-realistas de todo el mundo! Descubra lo nuevo a través de esta ventana.
Requiere Intel Mac OS X 10.8.5 o posterior.

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